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Fiera Verona - Exhibition of The Iberian Horse.


The land of sun and its horses. 

The Exhibition of Iberian Horses has always been one of the flagships of this event - Veronafiere - the only one officially recognised by ANCEE and with approximately 13,000 square metres of Pura Raza Española!

The spectacular impact of Iberian horses, their elegance and statuary physique capture everyone to the extent of taking you momentarily to colourful latin places, the homeland of the Iberian breeds, where local features and flavours will complete the 100% Latin experience.

And for those who wish to feel 100% vaquero, there will be all kinds of opportunities for shopping - gaucho boots, panuelos and calañes for all tastes.

Don't miss this exhibition if you wish to live one of the most magical experiences associated with the Spanish horse!

Tarma from Spanish Horses UK will be posting lots of photos from this years Verona show!  The horses who will be attending are Granero, Vall and Principe to take part in the spectaculars!  All of these horses have also been used in the clinics in Barcelona (the next of which will be in March 2014) to help people learn high school movements and they may well return to Verona next year to the new yard which is currently being built!