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The sun shines at Janas for the Catalonia Championships.


On an unusually hot weekend for late October in Barcelona, I enjoyed being a spectator in the glorious sunshine at the Riding Center Janas, located in the town of Lliçà d'Amunt, as it hosted the Catalonia championships and Doma Vaquera High School.

The competition consisted of  a total of 14 categories between the two disciplines which included reigning Doma Vaquera Champion Rafael Arcos.

It is not very often that we get to see a Doma Vaquera competition at this level and it was very different to what we are used to.  The levels, what the judges are looking for, how the horses are produced and ridden.  The type of paces required which are so different to the paces expected by the dressage judges.  However, it is fascinating to watch and the Doma Vaquera crowd are a great crowd to spend a Sunday afternoon with for sure!

For the Alta Escuela there were a total of eight categories, the winner in category 1A Colts, being the horse ridden by Berta Riera Jemson became the new champion of Catalonia, after achieving a final result of 131 282 %. In the Open Advanced Level 1A, first place would fall to the pair formed by Andrew Viarnes and Delicate, with a total of 130.500%. In the category aimed at Intermediate Level, Gold Medal was won by Guillermo Cano, who rode Ranger XVI who stormed to victory over the other competitors with a final result of 135 531%. The silver medal of the event would be for Jose Manuel Santiago with Make Como Tu, having a  total of 132 280%, while the bronze medal would go to his brother Andrew, who closed the competition with total of 131 856%.

As for Doma Vaquera, there were a total of six categories. The first event was held in the corresponding Fry / Children, where gold for the section was won by Daniel Munoz with Zunny Boy V.Stal Heyro with a cumulative result of 128.86%. The silver medal of the event went to Judith Mighty Costalero (128,246%), while the bronze medal went to Marta Janas Vivancos with TRA Dolcet and a total of 126 403%.

In the category of Intermediate, Carmen Rosa Lopez won first and second position with Star (133 667%) and Fly (128.20%), respectively.  For Horses in the Open, the best example was Valiant XII, ridden by Antonio Marquez (129,733%).  In the Open, Claudia Parellada with TRA Dolcet of Janas, acheived a cumulative score of 124,133%. Intermediate II, Ariadne Consarnau finished in first place with a total of 125,595%, while in the category of trained horses, Jorge Dominguez took the gold medal with Navigator (147,108%), then followed Ramón Om with Asia (135 049%) and the bronze would finally be placed with Peter Divorra Salvador (129,705%).

As always I was armed with my camera so Spanish Horses UK could share with you some snaps in the sunshine of the children working as hard as the horses, gold medalists Ranger XVI ridden by Guillermo Cano and fellow competitors of the weekend.

Tarma on the other hand, was happy just drinking a beer and playing on the swing - some people will never grow up!!!