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Nadia and Moises

"...Hi Tarma,

How are you? we have been suffering from flu here but all ok now..

heres to piccy again ands link to other pics - mo and I are hopefully doing some film work this year and we are doing demos at the NEC in November! he is a fab horse and we are having such fun together


"Hi Tarma

How are you?

Thought I would let you know that Mo and I are the centre fold in this months Your Horse magazine, in an article about how to beat the competition!!! Mo looks great but they could have airbrushed out my double chin!!

We are now back in work (I have been having a series of operations) andMo is "full of it" to put it mildly and we have our regional finalsdressage comp this Sunday, fingers crossed it all goes well!!

Best Regards,


"...Well so far we've been to Caister & we did 2 prelims & got 2nd in each, then 2 weeks later at the ILPH where they have regular dressage things in their lovely indoor school Amy rode him in a prelim (i slipped a disc & couldn't ride) & the competition was very strong, she did so well & got 5th with 68% and saturday again at the ILPH I did a Novice & was 6th (24 in class) I was sooooo thrilled, he did a fab medium trot, we got all 7's & 8's, 69.5%. He got a 9 for impulsion! Judge was obviously blinded by his beauty & not our ability, he was VERY strong! But its the comments that the judges have written that are so nice. Things like 'what a super horse, loads of potential' & another wrote 'this stunning little horse will go all the way'.
One judge wound down her window & started asking all about him.

He is certainly turning heads, I've been to lots of places & done clinics etc & they are all just drooling over him.

"Hi Tarma
Time to update you again, Mo has been going really well (despite hating the wind and rain that I have to admit have been pretty bad here!)
We our first dressage comp in months a couple of weeks ago and came second (same percentage but lower collectives than the winner) I was thrilled to bits and he has qualified for another regional champs that are on in April here. We even made it into our regional magazine called chiltern and thames rider this month as well.
Happy Xmas and New Year to you all in Spain!
Nadia & Ian "

"Hi Tarma Thought you would be pleased to hear Mo is better and we have been out and qualified for regional champs at showing!!! If we do well there HOYS beckons! So well behaved was Mo I let Ian take him into some fun classes as well. I got a really fab fab trot out of him in my class which consisted of arabs, andalusians, lusitanos, anglo arabs, and lippizaners so i was very very pleased to get second, we were beaten by a really fantastic arab, but i think we could of won if my boots hadn't been pinching my calves so much in the trot up (couldn't keep up with Mo for long!)
We are off doing some dressage next month so fingers crossed aiming for a regional qualifier, so I will keep you posted"


"Just a short note to let you know Mo is settling down well, he has really taken to being outside all day with my mare and has discovered the joys of rolling in mud (oh dear!). I am really pleased with him and everyone who see's him is really taken with how lovely he is. My trainer even said "I'm so glad I am out of restricted you have got a seriously talented horse there!" Lets just hope I can keep up with him! He not only loves his schooling but also loves hacking out and is even showing a talent for jumping!! He is an absolute delight to handle and I can only say how glad I am I came out to Spain to find him."
- Nadia Newport-Hassan re Moises.

I had a lesson with Amanda Brewer Olympic rider for Australia who is trained by Conrad Schumacher and she reckons he's wonderful with fantastic paces, and spent the whole time (while teaching people after me) raving about how he is the best horse she has taught in the area (oops!) I think she was quite surprised by how good Spanish horses are.

We took them to Milton Keynes (they have horse tracks over there) the other day where he met jumps, wooden bridges, canals, barges, fairs, joggers, swans etc and he was brilliant.. so good he had to lead Jemma over the bridges because she was too scared!! he is also jumping 2ft 6 at home now and loves it.”

“Hi Tarma,

We have been out again and he has qualified for another dressage champs. I was very pleased with him as he is improving all the time (and so am I), and he finds the collection so easy always gets top marks and his extension work is far better. He is doing pirouettes, travers, renvers and half passes at home and finds it all so easy... I have also been doing some Parelli with him and have been told he is an intelligent horse and has picked up the parelli training is also mastering the arts of opening gates and tack room doors...which I don’t find quite so useful!

We are hoping to come over to Spain later this year/early next so if you are around it would be nice to see you again. Also if you are ever in the UK and near us (only 20 miles from london, near woburn abbey) you must come and say hello. I have a friend who is coming over in a month or so on holiday as is going to a stud near yours to ride some horses. Would it be ok to pass on your details so that if they are in the area they can give you a call and come and have a look? She already has an Andalusian and a Lusitano, but I know she admires Moises a lot and would like to persuade her husband to let her get one like him!”