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Zara Barton and Primadonna

"I found SHUK in the Horses Deals magazine.
I had been looking for another GP horse for a few months and I reached desperation when every continental horse I looked at was lame, old or a you needed extra insurance and body armour to ride it!
I found SHUK very professional as they did everything in their power to make sure that the horse was sound and with no previous injuries before I went to see them.
Every horse I tried was a delight but two stood out for me.
One was an amazing bay stallion with everything I could dream of in a horse and a must have (currently under negotiation with my funding officer!)
The other was a mare with big ears! she has been with me for four months now and is the most vocal creature I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. Prima is a dream to ride, train, compete and look after.
The only problem was she was just backed and NOT grand prix but this was certainly an eye opening experience.
She is now medium with changes and piaffe steps with one international show, one premier league and scores of 70 to 80% with 8's for her overall paces and some 9's.
It is a real dream to have such a lovely MARE! However, they did look at me though in a very strange way when I told them I was going to train and compete a mare (this is not the norm in Spain) but it has been well worth it.
Thank you very much"