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Blog Archive – January 2012

  • A Sunday Roasting!
    A Sunday Roasting!

     I did want to write last night but unfortunately, I just didn't have the energy (it was all I could do to fill my well-deserved glass of red!!).I have always thought that Sunday was a day of rest, a day to relax and enjoy a rest after a hard weeks work.  I was wrong!HILARY was there with us yesterday at the yard and she gave us a real Sunday Roasting!  I have to say, I have ne...

  • Surprised?? - I am!!
    Surprised?? - I am!!

    I can't actually believe that I have time to write again!Today has been a lovely day, starting back at Longcross again after a long summer break!I had new horses and new staff to work with and, as always, the first day back after the summer season is hard - will they like me?  Will I like them?  Will we understand each other/get along/speak the same language even!!!???Luckily m...

  • Happy New Year!!
    Happy New Year!!

    Apologies to everyone yet again for my delay in writing - it has been a manic few months!!Firstly there was the Barcelona trip before Christmas, then the Paris trip and then Ireland! The launch of Horses4Homes is imminent, with a rescue of four rare Eriskay ponies before we have even gone live and a queue of people waiting for launch who are just desperate for advice and help. ...