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Blog Archive – January 2014

  • Pearl of Peace continues his golden rise to fame!
    Pearl of Peace continues his golden rise to fame!

    Not content with just appearing in The Mail Online, The Sunday Times and Horse and Rider last month AND having a Facebook following of around 350,000, Pearl of Peace, owned by Christine Kershaw of Equus Vita, will now feature again in the March additions (available now) of "Your Horse" and "Horse Magazine" in the UK.  This horses rise to fame is ...

  • Welcome in 2014!
    Welcome in 2014!

    Is it just me or does it seem that each year is passing at a greater speed than the last? Maybe part of the reason it feels this way is due to the fact that here in the UK, our trees were rather defiantly wearing their leaves (though not sure with pride or embarrassment) well in to the last year and so far a mild winter has graced us with no sharp accent of bitter cold (...

  • Michelle and Rio
    Michelle and Rio

    An update from Michelle... Rio came into my life at just the right moment!  Ten years ago I got my horse of a lifetime through Tarma Rowles at Spanish Horses UK. Isleno, aka Izzie, superseded all expectations and will always be number one in my life! Sadly he damaged a suspensory and is out of action for the foreseeable future. At my age you can't go too lon...