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Blog Archive – October 2013

  • The sun shines at Janas for the Catalonia Championships.
    The sun shines at Janas for the Catalonia Championships.

    On an unusually hot weekend for late October in Barcelona, I enjoyed being a spectator in the glorious sunshine at the Riding Center Janas, located in the town of Lliçà d'Amunt, as it hosted the Catalonia championships and Doma Vaquera High School. The competition consisted of  a total of 14 categories between the two disciplines which included rei...

  • Fiera cavalli 2013
    Fiera cavalli 2013

    The official programme for this years show is now available and can be downloaded here. It looks set to be yet another spectacular show for all those involved, competetors and spectators alike!  There really will be something for everyone at this magical event. For those of you that will be fortunate enough to be visiting Feria Verona, Spanish Horses UK will...

  • Golly and Susie. Oh Golly gosh!
    Golly and Susie.  Oh Golly gosh!

    What can I say about Golly and Susie? Well, one of the most amazing parts of our job is seeing the relationship between horse and new mum (or dad of course) when they have been well matched and really 'click' with one another.  It just puts such a big smile on our faces.  The simple things in life really are the best. Susie is a dear friend of mine ...

  • Spanish walk
    Spanish walk

    In the Spanish walk, the horse extends alternately its front legs forward to their full length, holds them extended for a brief time, and then steps forward.  The air is also sometimes called the "soldier's walk." The Spanish walk is the first movement of the so-called high school or circus equitation. It is also employed by the reasoned equitation for...

  • The Lusitano horse
    The Lusitano horse

    The Portuguese stud book recognizes six horses (five stallions and one mare) that are called the "heads of lineage". These six horses are the foundation horses of the three main breed lineages: Andrade, Veiga and Coudelaria Nacional (Portuguese State Stud). Although each line meets breed standards, they differ from each other in individual characteri...