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Lucy & Botinero - latest update from this super pair!

It is always so lovely to get updates from the owners of the horses we have sold and  am sorry if they don't all get posted here on the blog - its all about timing I am afraid, but, please do not stop sending!!!!
Last night I had these lovely mails in from Lucy CHave and Botinero, who she purchased about four years ago (correct me if I am wrong here Lucy!!).  It is just fabulous to see how this lovely pair are getting on and I really look forward ot their updates!
"Hello Tarma and everyone at Spanish Horses UK! It's been quite a long time since we've sent you any updates on how me (Lucie) and Bo are getting on, so I thought it was about time- seeing as he's progressed so much.
We've recently won an unaffiliated dressage championships at Elementary level, which we were all absolutely thrilled about, and we are now exploring training with a double bridle to compete with in the long summer I have this year. He has taken to it extremely well so hopefully we'll be winning many more events! My trainer adores him and she is constantly persuading my mum to allow me on all her teams, I'm sure mum will give in eventually.
Bo is now a pony club pony, and is such a good boy when we take him out, better behaved than he is when training at home. Being in the pony club has allowed us to do many exciting things, such as hunting, which we did back in October. He absolutely loved it and flew over everything without any hesitation (it definitely got him over his mud phobia).  
I will be taking Bo straight back out to do cross country once my exams are over, and planning to do our first one day event this summer which I am very excited for.
Once again I would like to thank you all for selling me this wonderful horse, who my family and I love very much. It is safe to say he is part of the family and has a life time home with us. Botinero is a very special boy.
I shall try and attach some videos and send some videos if I can find any!
From Lucie, Bo and family"