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Question? How will your old or injured horse end their years??


Answer - Maybe at our new Retirement Home for Horses in Italy....??

Spanish Horses UK and Hauctions in collaboration with the new retirement facility in Umbria!

When a horse becomes too old to ride, has an injury or temperament problem which makes him unusable or is outgrown, what is the right "thing" to do??

older gray horse

You probably can't imagine that a time will come when you don't want your horse anymore. But this happens to horse riders all the time. He may be old, injured or have temperament problems, you've outgrown him, or you just feel that you need a better horse for competition.

So what will you do with your faithful friend?  

As you may or may not be aware, Tarma Rowles of Spanish Horses UK founded the charity Horses4Homes a few years ago to offer a service re-homing horses of all breeds and types throughout the UK and Ireland.

The charity is now well-established and is working hard to find a solution to the equine crisis and is doing incredibly well thanks to the time and effort being put in by everyone who has a "hand" in its running.

 It currently re-homes pretty much a horse a day which is just brilliant and is making a huge difference!  Of course, all of this would not be possible without the help of donations and support from the equine community - thanks guys!!!

(While I am still on this note, please feel free to help the charity to keep running by visiting the website  and making a donation - I know it sounds a bit cheesy but, really, every penny helps!!!)

However, even Horses4Homes with their tremendous amount of site traffic, supporters and followers are finding it hard to rehome the old, injured or unrideable horses who are regularly placed on the site. There just aren't enough people looking for an equine "lawnmower" or a companion for another horse they may have.  Also, as Horses4homes is still only UK and Ireland based, reach is somewhat limited.

How would you like your horse to end his days?

"Every year, hundreds of thousands of horses are slaughtered and their meat sold, mostly in Europe and Asia. Even perfectly rideable horses are killed all the time.

Even in the United States, most states have no laws protecting horses or the way they are transported to the slaughterhouse. Many times they are crowded into cattle trucks and not given any food or water for the several days trip."

Not like this right? Is this any way for an animal to end up after serving his life as a companion?

If you do have to sell your horse, be sure it is going to a good home. Screen potential buyers by asking lots of questions. If you get a bad feeling about them, please, just say no!!!

Obviously retiring an old horse is best. But they can't be ignored. Old horses still need care and attention, they can't just be left in a stall.

Some people however are in the fortunate situation where they do not HAVE to sell their beloved animal. However, for many, they simply no longer have tiime or resources to be able to look after them properly and for what is effectively, an undetermined amount of time.  Maybe it is not just the horse who is retiring but the owner aswell....???

If you were a horse, what would be your dream retirement?

Imagine hundreds of acres of pastureland, in a beautiful valley in rural Umbria, freedom and liberty with access to fresh spring water and many equine companions in a similar position to yourself.  Plentiful forage and beautiful long, warm summers (easing the old joints!!!), just as nature intended.  Natural shelter and the promise that you will never work again after all these years of servitude. Sound like a dream? (Actually, even I am liking the idea - house, bathroom and the odd steak or two added obviously!!!)

A New Retirement Home!

If you are in a position where you do not want to sell your old horse and want to be sure you know where he will end his days, that he will end his days in a happy and dignified manner with the company of other horses in a similar condition AND can afford to continue to contribute a minimal cost towards his upkeep I think we have found a fantastic solution!

You may remember one of my last ezines about the Golden Horses of Bagnoreggio belonging to Christine Kershaw of Equus Vita?  Well, after the ezine went out, I was contacted by many people asking about grass keep and livery for their horses, especially the old and unrideable ones!

After discussing with the owner of this fantastic location in Umbria, we have decided to set up a retirement facility on the other side of the valley where there are hundreds of acres of pastureland available, there are already several horses there who are blissfully happy in their new surroundings.  The horses will be allocated areas according to size, sex, age, injury and "family" (ie if two horses come from the same place and have an established relationship, they will be allowed to continue to be together regardless).

We can help to organise all aspects of transport with discounted rates for horses coming from other countries (as I said before, every little helps!) and are just so excited to be able to offer this loving, dignified and long term solution.  We hope it goes a little way to making the last years of your horses life as enjoyable as possible!

Please do contact Tarma Rowles for more details.  She will be more than delighted to help!