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The Golden Horses Of Bagnoreggio...


Well, it seems I can not stay away lately but, the truth is that the valley which homes Bagnoreggio and the stunning dying town of Civita and now the golden horses of Equus Vita does have a certain pull.....

In the Spring I think it is one of the most beautiful places on earth, the view from the "Bellavista" lookout point is one of the most amazing views I have ever seen in my life.

And the horses seem to be thriving.  In this tiny town with a poulation of only 4000 people, they are a big attraction with both locals and tourists coming to see them aswell as the other highlights of Civita such as the nearby lake of Bolsena and the fantastic riding and pretty hairy quadbiking!

The ladies arrived just a couple of months ago and I was keen to see how they were getting along in their new environment. I hoped they were enjoying their new life and I was not disappointed!  The mares are huge!  Melodia has such a shine on her coat that I could not take my sunglasses off!  Amy is fat and content and could not wait to tell me all about her new life!  "Little" Daisy is one year old and already nearly as big as Melody already, it was so lovely to see!

We then took a hike through the woods and streams to the place where the "teenagers" hang out.  First to come crashing through the trees to greet us was Joy, closely followed by Rene, they skidded to a halt when they got to us and gave me the biggest cuddle!  It seems that they remember me which was so lovely and we had cuddles and kisses and sctratches before they whizzed off for some more fun and playtime - check out the video link on Pearl of Peaces' FB page .

All in all, it was a lovely day and well worth the long trip to get there.  Hopefully I can go back again soon and visit, I am certain that the valley will change again in the summer as will the horses, but for sure they will all be just as beautiful!