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Stud Services

SHUK Stud Services

We offer live covering services from our yard in Barcelona and in Verona and will actively promote and advertise stallions standing at stud for other breeders and AI and insemination centres and services.  To advertise your Stud or Stallion in the classified section of the website click here. Or, to share a link with us, please contact [email protected]

On site, we have a large stable-yard, with a horse walker a large arena and small individual paddocks where we house the stallions, sales and class horses.  Separate to this is the mares habitat where you can be assured they will be kept in top condition all year round if they want to stay with us! 

We are also happy to advise on selection of stallions for those who are unsure of what they want to cover or with whom or are looking to create something very specific like the famous "Pearl of Peace" for example......

For details of field livery charges, please see below:

Sales, livery and training price list

If you are looking for livery or training in one of our associated yards in either Spain, Sweden, the United Kingdom or Italy, please feel free to contact us but a price guide for services is outlined below in £/€ dependent on country.

Livery Charges For 2013:
Full working livery to include all feed, bedding and exercise 175.00 per week
Stable/Stallion Livery to include all feed, bedding and general care 90 per week.  Grooms costs for covering 20 per time.
Sales Livery to include all feed, bedding and exercise and all aspects of the sales procedure 90.00 per week. Sales commission to be negotiated between SHUK and the owner
Mares Summer Field Livery (1st April to 31st August) 8.00 per day - to include hard feed, hay and/or haylage as required
Winter Field Livery (1st September to 31st March) 11.00 per day - to include hard feed, hay and/or haylage as required

Please note:
Every effort has made to ensure that the information and advice contained on this website is correct and appropriate. No responsibility for loss or damage occasioned to any person acting on or as a result of anything included in or omitted from any articles appearing on this site can be or is accepted by the owners or any other persons connected with Spanish Horses Magazine. Nor can the webmaster, the owner of Spanish Horses Magazine be held responsible for the opinions in any article contributed to or advertisements appearing on this website.

Advertisements of any kind displayed on this website are taken in good faith, and Spanish Horses Magazine can not accept any liability for items or horses or stallions at stud that are found to be not as described. It is your responsibility as a prospective buyer to ascertain the correctness of such advertisements. Please check ALL details fully including details of stallions standing at stud before making any commitment to purchase or any agreement to use a stallion for breeding.

Further, Spanish Horses Magazine does not accept responsibility for any licensed stallion in any respect. Mare owner’s are advised to research information regarding those stallions they are interested in breeding to. Spanish Horses Magazine recommends testing (if not already carried out) any horse to be used for breeding purposes.

Breeders can request details of tests undertaken by stallions standing at stud. However if new tests are required there are suppliers who will undertake these tests at very reasonable costs. Spanish Horses Magazine recommends that mares that are to be used for breeding purposes are also tested. Details of laboratories that undertake such tests can be found on the web.